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i know what the topic says but i jsut put something there so that i didnt have to think of a topic i will be doing a tag though to help me with it all school sucks and all i need to do alot of work and i need to pay attention in class and finish reading my book that i am currently reading and figure out how today is going to go my mom is right now in the proccess of jury selection jamie is stressed out about alot of things and i can hardly keep up with that too ethel is the only one that is not got alot of stuff going on ken is not talking to anybody in the family i hate this stuff in my place that i live i will up date some other time but i cant do much about that i dont get to use my laptop for much either i have to have ken fix my laptop again though like that will ever happen we arent doing much in class right now so i am fine i am going now so that i can do other things too.
Tags: school
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