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school [09 Feb 2006|10:57am]

i know what the topic says but i jsut put something there so that i didnt have to think of a topic i will be doing a tag though to help me with it all school sucks and all i need to do alot of work and i need to pay attention in class and finish reading my book that i am currently reading and figure out how today is going to go my mom is right now in the proccess of jury selection jamie is stressed out about alot of things and i can hardly keep up with that too ethel is the only one that is not got alot of stuff going on ken is not talking to anybody in the family i hate this stuff in my place that i live i will up date some other time but i cant do much about that i dont get to use my laptop for much either i have to have ken fix my laptop again though like that will ever happen we arent doing much in class right now so i am fine i am going now so that i can do other things too.
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it is not about the movie (anymore) [30 Jan 2006|12:08pm]

[ mood | determined ]

this is baout my life now. Since nobody comes on this site i have it to myself to write donw somestuff that i cant tell others. my friends kaysia is pregenat and is currently in the hosptial with stomach pains rigth now and she will have her baby in april or may. angie my other friend is going to have a second person review to see if she is pregant. once she has taht then i should know soon after i hope. then this past weekend i had a great time. i went to angie and arron's house and fromt here i was able to have a smernoff which is about 5% achohol and i got to hang out for a couple of hours with them. next time i know what to expect. angie also had her nephew up from anderson which was kind of cool. his name is alex and his father's name is shane. it was great hanging out with them too. alex is so sweet when he is not in trouble with daddy. his mom left him and his dad so he is afarid that his dad will leave him but that will not happen. alex is about 2 and is so adorable. i now have a journal or blog how ever you want to say it in aim and myspace google and here. taht is four plus all the emails that i have aim netscape juno hotmail aol verizon myspace google and i do believe taht is all but i am not sure sometimes. why is life always so difficlut. i jsut read my sisters myspace account and i am ashamed at not knowing what she was going through but now i know and i am going to try and be there for her all the time. i hope that i can too. that is going to be alot of work on my part but i know i can do it. i am worried about kyle too he asked me about us and i am wondering if it is because he doesnt believe me or what. he is acting like i dont know what i am doing and what i say but i do for once. i know waht i want and well i guess things just dont end up like it was suppose to be sometimes. micheal is in the reserve national guard and he was sick last week it was kindof weird i got to talk to him. he is in a relationship now which i am glad that he is. school life is very trying to a body but i can tough it out. i might even get some sleep tonight if i can. i have a truck and a license but i have to give money out left and right right now and i dont have that kind jsut sitting around right now. i have to have my mom put some into the bank before i can give her what i owe here right now. i should psot in my actuall live journal but i dont know what to say because it could all go wrong or something well id otn know what i am to do but i will find out what to say as soon as i am done here. well that is abnout all i have for now i hope to god taht i can take all of this. talk to you some other time

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[24 May 2005|04:04pm]

hey does anybody know when the movie cats comes to theaters again or when the broadway show is coming to the civic theater?
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[19 May 2005|07:33pm]

[ mood | calm ]

this is to start off the year with something new and fun and to see where it all goes hope to see alot of people to come and watch hope to be able to do alot of things like compare information and etc well lots to do still never time to change or rest

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